Our Charter

Why We Are Here

To elevate the quality of life for our homeowners and our communities.

Where We Came From

We draw on a rich 50-year legacy of building; with the managing Principals being the third-generation of builders. After moving to Vancouver in mid-1990s, Milori was incorporated in 2003 and began building single family homes within the Lower Mainland. We wanted to apply the same attention to detail in boutique multi-family communities.

Where We Are

We have grown to become a full service real estate development firm. We acquire, develop, build, and market our own projects. This ensures our quality standards are met from start to finish. Equally important, it allows us to build valuable relationships with our community members, homeowners and other stakeholders.

What Guides Us As We Go

  • Loyalty: We pride ourselves to be committed to each other, our communities, our partners, and every other stakeholders that we encounter in the course of our business.
  • Reliability: We live up to our word and fulfill our promise.
  • Integrity: We treat our customers, communities, business partners and employees with the highest degree of respect, trust and equality.
  • Excellence: We strive to excel in our performance and beat the odds at every stage of our projects.
  • Sustainability: Our buildings add to a sustainable planet as well as a diverse and sustainable community.

Where We Want To Go

Our future legacy and aspirations go hand in hand with what we add to the communities we touch. We want to be the leading example in demonstrating our care for our environment, community and each individual homeowner.