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      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental

      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental

      Kamloops garbage bin rental options help you tackle almost any project. Waste is a fact of life. Do not let yours become an eyesore and source of fines with Lightning Rubbish Removal and Bin Rentals.

      Why do I need to rent a garbage bin in Kamloops?

      There is no store that sells the exact size and shape of lumber you need. There is no apartment block that does not need garbage disposal. There may not even be a city service in our more remote areas.

      Reasons to rent a bin include:

      • You are throwing a large party
      • You own rental units without individual access to waste disposal
      • You are extending your house or performing other construction projects
      • Yard work and limb removal

      Kamloops is a beautiful area and we all want it to stay that way. In situations where you cannot find trash removal services that fit your needs, you need to rent a bin. The city will ensure that you do.

      How much waste does a do it yourself construction project create?

      You may think that your regular garbage bin is perfect for your small construction project. You can always break up the siding you are replacing, throw out gallons of wasted paint, and take care of the vanities you just removed from your new fixer upper.

      That is almost never the case. Even reworking your yard produces enough waste to fill a small dumpster. In fact, yard work produces 98 kilograms of waste per person per year, including each person in your family. That can amount to a quarter tonne of waste or more.

      Fines and Fees Associated with Waste Removal

      There is nothing worse than finishing a project and having dozens of bags of trash. Kamloops local government thinks the same way. The fee for littering starts at $115 and can reach as high as $2000 with jail time if summoned to court.

      Using a waste removal company is much cheaper than facing stiff fines and a possible criminal record. We help cut the cost of renting a bin by recycling and donating any items we can.

      Waste Removal Made Easy

      Lightning Rubbish Removal and Bin Rentals makes it easy to get rid of unwanted waste and keep your area tidy and beautiful. We offer both bin rentals and junk removal services. You will not need another shop.

      We are insured and licensed to provide bins and waste removal across British Columbia. Simply contact us and we will deliver your bin and take your trash.

      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental

      Kamloops garbage bin rental shops are the perfect way to keep your area from filling with waste whether you are building out a new room or hosting a large gathering. Lightning Rubbish Removal and Bin Rentals offers open, honest, and fair rates from delivery to removal.

      There is no reason to be left holding the bag. Hire our trash removal service and rent a bin all in one place. Get in touch today to find out how we can fill your needs.

      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental
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      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental
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      Kamloops Garbage Bin Rental