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      Concrete Core Drilling Company Kansas City

      Concrete Core Drilling Company Kansas City

      The construction industry is experiencing an enormous change in technology. Business is booming as contractors find new ways to reduce the duration, complexity, and number of details in the project. We keep up with the pressures of the industry by embracing the latest technologies to assure customer satisfaction. The team prepares the project execution in the following ways to assure quality.

      How we prepare for the finest concrete core drilling

      Prepare cost budget

      The initial phase of the project needs detailed budget management. There are several anticipated costs of concrete core drilling. We develop the most accurate estimate using strategic approaches for the best bidding process.


      The construction feasibility includes the complete costs of the project. We have a detailed bidding pricing system that assesses the materials, scope of work, and method of project execution. You can trust that our entire project management system aims at reducing the fees for the benefit of the clients while attaining the finest results.

      Despite our thorough feasibility, construction does not have an accurate budget estimation. It is best if we include a fee for unforeseen conditions that could derail the project. We generate several estimated costs and offer onsite evaluation for the best fee structure.

      Collecting resources


      Do we need to drill through the slab or to create a core that extends into the ground? The collection of materials depends on the complexity of the job. Drilling through soil is less tough than drilling through actual concrete. The concrete layer is especially rocky and will demand high-powered tools to prepare the ground. The entirety of the concrete drilling project materials includes the following:


      The two main categories of core drills include larger units and handheld models. Most of our projects require massive drilling machines to complete the job. We have various rig-mounted models to suit different levels of projects.

      Drill motor

      The core drill motor has three main formats - hydraulic, electric, and air. Each format is suitable for a specific project. We consider the power source available at the site and make sure it meets the demands of the drill. It is also critical for us to choose a more silent option for environments such as the workplace.

      Stand attachment

      Concrete drilling is executable on horizontal surfaces, as well as the regular vertical surface. Each situation calls for a different mount with an attachment to power the suction firmly. We include all the necessary safety chains to minimize the risk of an accident by the drill slippage.

      Take measurements

      A larger hole has more materials to take out. Therefore, you will typically pay more to get out concrete from the larger hole. The large slab of concrete will be heavier to transport, hence we may need more equipped transportation to carry all materials from the site.


      Drilling the wall or floor will drastically change the drilling approach. Drilling a thick wall is tough because you do not have gravity's enabling. The awkward angle needs a different detail and estimate.

      The unpredictability of precision concrete core drilling


      The concrete core drilling process is not always straightforward. The job may call for multiple drills without causing cracks on the undrilled spaces. The concrete core drilling company in Kansas City is excellent at identifying potential issues that jam a drilling project, such as the following:

      • The friction that slows down the drill bits or causes breaks and bends
      • Dust from the drilling process that endangers the health of the staff
      • The dryness that slows down the drilling process

      Safety concerns

      Time is money in all construction projects. Despite this well-understood adage, it is best to work at a pace that assures optimal safety for the concrete core drilling company in Kansas and other individuals on the site. Key steps of practicing safety measures include the following:

      • Wearing the full kit such as googles to prevent the entry of debris and particles in the eye and earplugs to prevent heat damage
      • Investing in the right drills for a high-intensity drilling job

      The above detail of working on a concrete project is not exhaustive. We spend many hours developing accurate cost details and resource list that will impact the entire project. Construction becomes an art and science of contingency plans. We however ensure the fastest project execution by allowing a smooth project from inception to completion.

      Concrete core drilling is a common activity on worksites across the nation. The finest drilling project is however not a common occurrence due to a lack of competence in the industry. Contact us on tel:+18165232015 to find out more about our core drilling projects alongside other related concerns.

      Concrete Core Drilling Company Kansas City
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      Concrete Core Drilling Company Kansas City
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      Concrete Core Drilling Company Kansas City