Rupert’s Place – Rezoning Application Submitted to the City of Vancouver.

Rupert’s Place – Rezoning Application Submitted to the City of Vancouver.

The rezoning application for Rupert’s Place has been sent to the City of Vancouver. We are one step closer to providing essential rental homes in Vancouver.

Our application proposes to consolidate 4506 Rupert Street (currently zoned C-1) and 3309 Price Street (currently zoned RS-1) into a single CD-zoned lot to develop retail and a diverse range of secured rental housing, including live-work studios, stacked townhomes, and over 40% family-friendly dwellings.

The site is currently a vacant lot and single-family house located in a commercial zone at the intersection of Rupert Street and East 29th Avenue. The surrounding neighbourhood includes an established residential zone as well as Sir Wilfred Elementary School directly to the south. There are numerous amenities within walking distance of the site, including two SkyTrain stations (East 29th & Joyce-Collingwood), multiple parks, Windermere Secondary School, and a wide range of neighbourhood retail establishments.

Converting a vacant site into active retail uses and rental housing will provide numerous benefits to the community. The prominent location and proximity to surrounding amenities make this an ideal site for a thoughtful increase in density. The proposed form of development is generally based on C-2 zoning guidelines with additional measures taken to provide a better relationship to the neighbouring single-family homes as well as maximize the opportunity for diverse rental housing on the site.

The location is unique in its geometry and diverse range of frontages. East 29th is a larger street that transitions from a commercial zone to single-family residential. Rupert is also a larger street with commercial activity, while Price and the lane to the east are much more residential in character. The design approach is to create a unified concept that responds distinctly to each of these unique frontages and context. The diagram below illustrates these major frontages. The main lobby and residential amenity space serve as a break at the corner of Rupert and 29th to provide more prominence and a strong connection to the outdoor amenity courtyard that fronts the lane.

We welcome and promote community engagement during this process. Feel free to participate virtually in the public hearing scheduled for July 21st at 5:45pm by clicking here.

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