Milori & Placemaker Acquire Rupert’s Place – Rental Homes in Vancouver

Milori & Placemaker Acquire Rupert’s Place – Rental Homes in Vancouver

We have been quiet for a bit, we know. We have a good reason. Milori, along with its sister company Placemaker Group, has been working meticulously to search for the next community we can help influence, by providing essential affordable rental housing to the communities that need it most.

Milori and Placemaker have acquired an exciting new mixed-use rental development located at the corner of Rupert and Price Street, in the well-rooted Collingwood-Renfrew neighbour in East Vancouver. Rupert’s Place will be comprised of 51 open-concept studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartment and townhouses along with three commercial spaces. With a diverse range of retail and secured rental housing, including live-work studios, stacked townhomes, and over 40% family-friendly dwellings there are many reasons why this development will serve the community well.

Thoughtfully designed to promote community wellbeing, Rupert’s Place will set a new standard in rental buildings in Vancouver and reinforce the importance of placemaking. The proposal includes a large central courtyard which will add space for residents to relax, play and connect. The design and execution of this project will strive to increase future residence’s sense of belonging by providing fun, creative, and stimulating environments that accommodate events and opportunities for social interaction.

The carefully selected location is near amenities such as parks, schools, recreation facilities and provide multiple transportation options (walking, cycling, rapid public transit). This addressed transportation challenges and improving quality of life and resilience to age in place, raise children, or withstand personal challenges.

Rupert’s Place represents Milori’s commitment to quality finishes and Placemaker’s commitment to community wellbeing.

The next step is to submit the rezoning application. The construction of this rental development is estimated to begin in Spring/Summer 20201. Stay tuned!

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