10 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Spaces

10 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Spaces

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1.  Liven things up with plants and flowers

Using greenery or fresh flowers to bring the outdoors in is one of the easiest home updates for spring. I can’t think of a better way to brighten up a space than with beautiful plants and flowers.

Since we live in a cold climate, I try to have as many living things as possible in our home–especially in wintertime.  Right now I have about 15 plants to water every week, which keeps me busy!

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2. Go faux

If you don’t have the time or inclination to take care of a bunch of plants, then faux is the way to go!  I’m amazed at how beautiful faux plants and flowers are these days.  Many look so real they give off the same fresh vibe as living plants!  That little fern on the bottom shelf is one of my favorite faux plants, and I find myself wanting to use it everywhere!  I also love my faux limes–I have a bunch of them and use them to add a pretty pop of green on my bar cart, in our dining room, and in the kitchen.  By the way, if you’re looking for the best faux fiddle leaf fig tree, this one is beautiful at a great price!

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3. Style your surfaces

I love updating the look of our home by changing the styling on our coffee table, accent tables, shelves, countertops, and mantel.

One of the reasons I love styling (and re-styling) is that I can use items I already have on hand.  If I don’t like how something looks, I can easily change it by moving things around or bringing in new items from another part of the house.

Some styling tips:

  • use stacks of books to raise objects off the surfaces (this was easy for me, because we have a lot of books!)
  • combine items in groups of threes–preferably with a tall item, a shorter, more sculptural item, and a horizontal item
  • edit — this is a tough one for me, because I tend to overdo–I’m learning to edit until I achieve a the right look for each space (although I still tend to go back and fiddle with things later)
  • balance hard and soft objects, as well as things with different textures, colors, tones, and styles
  • layer–placing some things in front of others and some off to the side–to create more depth and give the space a more natural look.
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Emily Henderson’s book, “Styled,” is a great source of inspiration for learning how to style the surfaces in your home.

4.  Update Your Bedding

While many people switch to darker colors, plaids, and flannels for their bedroom in winter, I like to stick with white bedding to make the room seem brighter and sunnier.

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5.  Rearrange the room

One of the easiest home updates is to rearrange the furniture.  Sometimes I forget what a huge difference this simple adjustment can make.  Not only does shifting the furniture change the entire look of a room, it can change how you live!  After we rearranged our living room furniture, it became such an inviting space that we found ourselves in there more often–doing puzzles, chatting, reading, and napping!

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Rearranging the furniture only costs a few minutes of time and maybe some sore muscles (sometimes it takes several tries to get it right), but it can make you feel like you’re living in a new home.

6.  Add a pop of color

The simple addition of color in your home will make your eyes think spring has sprung! My sunny yellow office chair never fails to brighten my day, no matter what’s happening outdoors!

7.  Pile on the pillows

Add a fresh look to your couch, chairs, and beds by adding new pillows, or simply rearranging the ones you already own.  And, if your pillow collection has grown to the point where it’s taking up an embarrassing amount of space in a closet (like mine), think about just buying pillow covers from now on and using the inserts from pillows you already own.

8.  Inspire with art

My love affair with art and gallery walls began when I created a small collection above the TV in our basement family room.  That project turned out to be so much fun that I created one over the desk in my office, then another in a guest room, then a second one in my office!  I simply buy a variety of pre-matted frames and filled them with a mix of photos, purchased artwork, and artwork I create.  Minted is one of my favorite sources for beautiful (and affordable) artwork.

If you’re interested in creating a more formal, symmetrical gallery wall, one of my all-time favorite home updates was creating this wall in our living room using botanical prints from a book.  See my Botanical Gallery Wall post for instructions.

9.  Welcome the sun

This time of year, we need all the sunshine we can get!  Think about changing your dark curtains to white or lighter-colored versions or removing them altogether.  Hopefully, your neighbors won’t mind seeing a bit more of you!

Another simple thing to do is raise your blinds to their highest positions during the day to let in the maximum amount of glorious sunshine.

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In the same vein, think about tweaking your artificial lighting sources, too.  Simply replacing old lampshades with new ones can give an entirely new look to a room.  Also, consider moving your current lamps around to different surfaces and different rooms. Another idea is to place small lamps where you might not normally think of them, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, sideboards, and mantels.

10.  Freshen up the front door

When the Christmas wreath comes down, the front door always looks kind of naked. This is the perfect time to dress up your home with a vibrant green boxwood wreath or something to herald springtime, like this beautiful tulip wreath!

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